REQUIREMENT: All AS offices should have a recycling bin, and all AS buildings should have at least one compost bin and one electronic waste bin.

REQUIREMENT: All AS-sponsored events must have both composting and recycling bins available.

REQUIREMENT: All waste bins must be labeled with clear signage describing what items should be placed in the bin.

RECOMMENDATION: All printing, purchasing choices, and event planning should be done with waste minimization in mind.

Waste reduction requires individual action. No matter how hard A.S. Recycling and other groups work to place recycling and compost bins and label them with what goes in each, their effort won’t make a difference if you don’t pay attention and just throw everything in the trash anyway. Take time to learn what goes in recycling and compost bins, sort out all items, and discard of everything properly! Most importantly, remember that all waste in A.S. spaces is emptied and often sorted by hand by student workers, so don’t dump liquids or old food in the wrong place and leave them to sort it out.

If you need signage to know what goes in each bin, you can download and print your own here! If you need a recycling bin or don’t know where your nearest compost or electronic waste bin is located, just ask.

For waste service for events, contact A.S. Recycling.