Event Planning Checklist

Make sure your A.S.-funded event is in compliance with the A.S. Sustainability Policy! Be sure to do ALL of the following, and contact us if you need help with anything!

    • Order event giveaway items that are useful, connected to the mission of your event and made from sustainable products. Check our list of recommended vendors and products for ideas.
    • Order enough compostable products for your event from the Annex.
    • Contact A.S. Recycling to arrange for waste service and a hydration station for your event, and, if necessary, ask them to pick up your compostable items for you.
    • Select food options that consider vegans, vegetarians, and any other dietary restrictions you expect to encounter. If you are serving coffee or tea, ensure that it is both organic and fair trade (UCen, the Club, and dining commons coffee and tea all meets this standard).
    • Ask any tablers to refrain from bringing candy to give away, since the wrappers are often a major contributor to waste and almost always get blown away as litter.
    • Ask any tablers to only give brochures or flyers to those who ask, not everyone who comes to the table. Tell them to make sure flyers are secure and don’t get blown away.
    • Bring a few small rocks or other heavy objects to help weigh down flyers for tablers that don’t listen to the previous request.
    • Appoint an event cleanup team, and ask everyone to carefully check for wrappers, paper, popped balloons, or other small items that are easy to miss.