Appliances and Electronics

REQUIREMENT: Computers, laptops, tablets, monitors, printers, copiers and TVs that are purchased new must be EnergyStar and EPEAT Gold certified. Refrigerators must be EnergyStar certified. Used equipment does not need to meet this standard.

REQUIREMENT: Printers that are purchased new must be capable of double-sided printing. Used printers do not need to meet this standard.

REQUIREMENT: Coffee makers that use single-serving plastic pods instead of traditional coffee filters are not permitted in A.S. spaces.

REQUIREMENT: All AA/AAA batteries should be rechargeable and all offices must have access to a AA/AAA battery charger.

REQUIREMENT: Personal mini-fridges are not allowed.

REQUIREMENT: All electronics and electronic components must be disposed of through AS Recycling and sent to an eSteward certified recycler.

REQUIREMENT: Appliances such as coffee makers, microwaves, space heaters, air filters, et cetera must be unplugged, and power strips turned off, when not in use.

RECOMMENDATION: All computers should be turned off over weekends and holidays.