A.S. Sustainability Coalition

From A.S. Sustainability Policy:

In order to implement, support and improve sustainable practices in Associated Students, a standing Sustainability Coalition must be maintained. This group is comprised of students and staff from a wide variety of areas across Associated Students and meetings must be open to all interested participants and observers.

The charge of the Sustainability Coalition is as follows:

  1. Review the AS Sustainability Policy and make recommendations for updates to AS Senate.
  2. Promote awareness of and compliance with the AS Sustainability Policy through education and outreach across Associated Students.
  3. Maintain and update ongoing resources such as the AS Gateway Approved Purchasing List, compostable serviceware supply, and AS sustainability resource guides.
  4. Conduct annual audits of AS spaces to ensure that the infrastructure outlined in the AS Sustainability Policy is in place and students and staff are able to follow the outlined principles.

The Sustainability Coalition consists of students from various AS BCUs, potentially including but not limited to Environmental Affairs Board, Recycling, Zero Waste Committee, Community Affairs Board, Human Rights Board, Finance and Business Committee, Committee on Committees and AS executive office environmental liaisons.

The Sustainability Coalition leader is selected each spring for the following year by the current participants. The Coalition leader is tasked with scheduling meetings, inviting AS entities and services to participate, drafting meeting agendas, and leading and facilitating all meetings.

If you are interested in joining us at our next meeting, please contact us!