A.S. Sustainability Coalition

From A.S. Sustainability Policy:

In order to implement, maintain and improve sustainability within Associated Students, a standing Sustainability Coalition should be maintained. This group should be comprised of students and staff from diverse areas across Associated Students and meetings should be open to all interested participants and observers. The charge of the Coalition shall be:

  1. Conduct regular surveys and inspections of A.S. spaces to ensure that the infrastructure outlined below is in place and students and staff have full access to sustainability resources and are able to follow the principles outlined in this document.
  2. Maintain and update ongoing resources such as the A.S. centralized supply cabinet, compostable product supply, and all A.S. Sustainability Guides.
  3. Seek out new opportunities to further develop the A.S. Sustainability Policy and make recommendations to A.S. Senate.

The A.S. Sustainability Coalition meets weekly during the academic year. It is generally led by the Student Affairs Coordinator for the Environmental Affairs Board and includes members from EAB, Zero Waste Committee, A.S. Recycling, Finance and Business, Senate, and any other interested groups. The Environmental Programs Advisor and the Recycling and Compost Coordinator act as advisors to the group.

If you are interested in joining us at our next meeting, please contact us!