Hydration Stations


REQUIREMENT: Absolutely no single-use water bottles may be purchased. The AS Sustainability Coalition is responsible for ensuring that 5-gallon water jugs and dispensing pumps are available for purchase by student groups for event hydration stations.,/span>



All events obviously must provide ways for attendees to stay hydrated, especially those held outdoors during the spring and fall when it is very warm. Providing individual plastic bottles creates a huge amount of plastic waste and not all areas have recycling bins available, so A.S. Recycling has created a program where you can order 5 gallon water bottles (which are returned and reused when empty) and pumps for events. When combined with A.S. Recycling’s established event waste collection service, it’s a great way to get multiple event logistics handled at once. This water is sourced from a local company, not purchased from Nestle. For very large events such as Extravaganza, Program Board connects a portable water fountain.

What you should do:

  1. Contact A.S. Recycling and request water jugs as part of your overall event service, which may also include recycling, compost, and landfill bins and compostable food service ware.
  2. Confirm service with A.S. Recycling and submit a P.O. to the A.S. Admin Office.
  3. Assign someone to keep an eye on bottles during the event and switch them out as they empty.
  4. Keep all full and empty bottles together so A.S. Recycling can easily collect them at the end of the event and send them back to the company for refilling.
  5. That’s all! This one is really easy.