REQUIREMENT: In offices with multiple occupants in a larger space, individual desks should be equipped with LED desk lamps and task lighting to reduce the need for multiple overhead lights.

REQUIREMENT: All light switches should have signage reminding occupants to turn off lights when leaving the space.

RECOMMENDATION: Natural lighting should be used whenever feasible; office users should always turn on the fewest number of lights possible.

When the A.S. Sustainability Policy was updated in 2015, reducing energy use was a high priority and the students involved in developing the policy wanted to encourage the use of task lighting over lights for an entire room. Since then, however, most of the overhead lights in the main A.S. building have been replaced with LED lighting on motion sensors. This upgrade saves a significant amount of energy and decreases the need for task lighting in the main A.S. building. Other spaces, such as the Pardall Center and Annex, however, should still find ways to minimize the number of lights that are turned on at any given time by using table lamps, etc to only light the area needed.

Even with motion sensor lighting, however, it is important to turn off lights when leaving a space. Studies show that prompting with stickers and signs asking users to turn off lights is effective, particularly if the sign is updated or redesigned regularly. If you need a reminder sticker to put on your light switch, contact us!